Casa de Amparo’s Strategic Goals

Casa de Amparo has clear and specific goals for both the organization and each individual program, all focused on our mission of supporting those affected by and at risk of child abuse and neglect through a range of programs and services that promote healing, growth and healthy relationships.

Casa de Amparo is a results-driven organization with clear goals, objectives, strategies and action plans based on a detailed strategic plan.


    1. To break the cycle of family violence and to prevent behaviors which endanger children.
      • To protect, nurture and help to heal children who are victims of abuse
      • To equip children and parents with life skills and resources that may reduce the effects of abuse and neglect
      • To support, educate and redirect the energy of participating family members toward the positive resolution of their problems.
    2. To implement programs/services that further the Casa de Amparo Mission.
      • To deliver services in a culturally sensitive manner.
      • To provide education that prevents child abuse.
      • To collaborate with organizations whose activities further the Casa de Amparo mission.


  • To research, prepare and expand the scope of our services, developing collaborative relationships and expanding into new geographic and programmatic areas.
  • To cultivate an organizational culture dedicated to effective philanthropy that benefits and supports the Casa de Amparo Mission, placing increased emphasis on individual donors.
  • To expand and enhance our resources by continuing to develop a strong and diverse Board of Directors that is knowledgeable and effective in governance, fundraising and public relations and maintaining a qualified and competent employee workforce, while emphasizing employee development and a strategic leadership/management structure.
  • To enhance relations with policy/decision makers/politicians and increase public awareness in our community about child abuse/neglect and Casa de Amparo’s mission.

*As of Board Management retreat, November 5, 2012.

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