Measuring Progress

Casa de Amparo stresses the importance of “SMART”* objectives. Measurability is key for not only our reporting requirements but also to guide us in improving and enhancing our programs and organizational structure overall. Read more…

*Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound

Efforts to Outcomes

To measure qualitative/quantitative outcomes, we use Social Solutions Efforts to Outcomes (ETO), customized software for confidential and secure data collection. Through ETO, we identify and track trends, monitor participant attendance, analyze survey results and monitor participant information throughout the organization. Outcomes and demographic reports are reviewed monthly by Program Managers and the Director of Programs.

Our Success is Recognized–
CAMS (Child and Adolescent Measurement System)

Children’s Mental Health programs in San Diego County have been using CAMS as an outcome tool since 2005. In 2008, Casa de Amparo was identified as one of the top ten most successful programs in obtaining and entering CAMS scores at Intake and Discharge.

Following is a summary of current ETO results by program.

Child Development Center

The average length of enrollment in the Child Development Center is 12 months. Teachers and on-site clinicians work with enrolled children and families to administer the evidence-based assessments and measures to determine individualized goals. Developmental, educational and behavioral outcomes are tracked through ETO software.

Achievements during fiscal 2013-2014 included:

  • 62% of parents decreased their overall stress
  • 47% of children showed improvement in language and literacy development

Data Sources: Client Satisfaction Survey and Desired Resolutions Development Profile

New Directions

Each fiscal year, youth in the New Directions transitional housing program receive assessments, case management, and planning to determine each of their individual’s strengths and needs.

During fiscal year 2013-2014, participants demonstrated the following:

  • 92% of youth improved in self-care
  • 91% of youth improved in career and education planning
  • 92% of youth improved in relationship and communication

Family Visitation

The Supervised Family Visitation Program is a court-ordered service for families working towards reunification. The County does not track the short-term success of reunification for families using contracted visitation programs. Casa de Amparo, however, has an internal tracking process in place that reports the destination of families exiting our program after their services stop. In FY 13-14, 24% of families started unsupervised visits or successfully reunified.

Counseling Services

Casa de Amparo offers counseling services to participants in Casa de Amparo programs. During FY 13-14, our therapists provided over 20,000 hours of counseling and therapeutic support for children and families in the Hayward Child Development Center, former foster youth in our New Directions transitional housing program and residents in Residential Services. Counseling services helped to achieve the outcomes reported for each individual program.

Counseling is also available on an outpatient basis for children and families facing individual or family stressors and/or mental health issues that could put them at risk.

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