Organizational Capacity

Casa de Amparo’s strategic planning process has resulted in remarkable growth of name recognition, program addition and expansion, increased government contract and contribution revenue for both program delivery and capital construction.

In addition to program enhancements, extensive technology development, and heightened financial and volunteer diversity, strategic achievements have protected the organization from the fact that government funding has not kept pace with demands for accountability and use of technology or with the need to pay employees a living wage and cover the rising cost of health benefits. Diversified private fundraising success has enabled Casa to focus on keeping an acceptable cash reserve to help us weather state budget hiatuses and assure continuity of care within our programs.

Additionally, gaps between foundation grants for services can be bridged with other private funds. The ability to add anticipated new programs such as New Directions, which provides transitional housing and support to former foster youth, delivers critically needed service and also offsets reduced needs in other service areas (such as emergency shelter beds). Because of best-practice reserves, our organization has no debt, no need to spend donor’s contributions for lines of credit to cover cash flow.

To heal from the effects of child abuse and neglect requires intensive services because turning around years of negative experience is a serious challenge for any child, young adult or family. Intensive and frequent intervention and related costs for child abuse services have grown at a pace ahead of the number of clients served. However, the quality and diversity of services have increased dramatically, as has the overall number of clients served. Some Casa programs have come and gone as child welfare philosophy has evolved. With continued learning about what works in the treatment of child abuse & neglect, starts and stops regarding favored programs are expected to continue. Because of this, Casa’s flexibility as a partner, a collaborator and an organization that responds directly to the needs of abused and neglected children and their families will be valued.

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