There are many items that can be donated to help our Casa Kids feel more at home, and in turn, there are many ways you can donate! Here you can find information that will ensure we can accept your donated items and tell you how to make a donation. Please review a list of restrictions of the types of items we can accept before you make a donation.


Most of the time our youth come into our care with very little. To welcome them into our programs and give them what they need to get through day-to-day life comfortably, we create welcome baskets filled with the basic necessities. These donations go to our Residential Services and New Directions program youth. New items only, please.

For youth ages 11-18 housed on our San Marcos Casa Kids Campus. We aim to provide unused basic supplies and comfort items.

For youth ages 18-25 in our New Directions Program. We aim to provide a fully furnished apartment and any basic supplies they may need to start fresh.

With your help through In-Kind donations, we are able to meet the needs of the children, ages prenatal to 25, and families we help throughout the year. This includes hygiene, kitchen, and cleaning supplies, household linens, baby items, and apartment-sized furniture. For more information, please contact development@casadeamparo.org. New items only, please.

FOR LARGER ITEMS: Please contact our development department at development@casadeamparo.org or 760-566-3559 if you would like to donate larger items such as furniture, large appliances, cars, etc., or host a large drive. Also, please review a list of restrictions of items we can accept.

We aim to celebrate our youth and provide them with anything they need to experience a normal and happy childhood. With your help we make all different parts of life positive experiences. You can help us celebrate by providing school supplies, decorations, food supplies, crafts, etc. Below you will find items that we need the most at different points throughout the year!



Please review the restrictions on items we can accept before making a donation. Use a flyer from above to organize a drive or gather donations on your own, then fill out the Donation Form by clicking the button to let us know what you’re donating and schedule a drop-off.


Don’t have the space or time to gather donations? Send them our way!


Turn your car into a donation! Your used car donation directly impacts the youth of Casa de Amparo. CARS (Charitable Adult Rides & Services) makes it easy and donates the funds back to support the youth of Casa de Amparo..

Call 855-500-RIDE (855-500-7433) OR go to careasy.org/nonprofit/casa-de-amparo.

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