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The Casa Kids Campus: Where healing begins

The Casa Kids community includes three home-like cottages for Casa Kids in Residential Services and space for staff to develop and deliver trauma-informed care and treatment programs and services. The Campus houses a medical healthcare suite, library, therapeutic art and music room, outdoor areas, and sports fields. Currently, foster children who are in need of a higher level of care are being sent out of state.
This has to change…

Teen Wellness Center for Foster Youth

Many children in foster care have endured significant trauma including abuse, neglect, and sexual exploitation. Because of this, a growing number require a higher level of emotional, mental, and physical care. To meet the needs of these children, you will support the construction of the Teen Wellness Center for Foster Youth, which will provide a home environment where Casa Kids can receive intensive therapeutic treatment that they so desperately need. Comfort rooms provide a designated space where Casa Kids learn to manage responses to the trauma they have experienced through visual, auditory, and sensory stimulation that they enjoy and select themselves.

Evaluation of the development and construction of the Teen Wellness Center and Support Services Center will be carried out by Casa de Amparo’s executive leadership team and the Facilities Committee of Casa de Amparo’s Board of Directors. Through meetings with the architect, Tucker Sadler, and the behavioral health consultant, Jim Hunt, the executive leadership team and Facilities Committee ensure that appropriate
permits are obtained, deadlines are met, designs are followed and the project successfully reaches completion. The goal for the Campaign for Casa Kids is to break ground in 2018 and complete construction in 2021.

Once construction is complete, Casa de Amparo will evaluate the effectiveness of services provided within the Teen Wellness Center through analysis of youth outcomes as measured by the California Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS) assessment and multi-disciplinary tool. Measures of youth will be recorded upon intake into the Teen Wellness Center, at appropriate frequencies in fidelity to the evaluation tool and upon transition from the Teen Wellness Center. Casa de Amparo will also use the Social Solutions Efforts to Outcomes software in the Teen Wellness Center to record client and program outcome indicators in a secure, password protected database. This system will be customized by our IT and Database
Administrator to meet the individualized tracking and reporting needs of the Teen Wellness Center. All data entry will be completed by direct care staff, clinical staff and management staff with oversight by the Director of Quality Assurance and Quality Assurance Committee of Casa de Amparo’s Board of Directors to ensure the services being provided are improving youth outcomes. The Teen Wellness Center will
also utilize a client satisfaction survey to evaluate various aspects of the program. This survey will be administered bi-annually at minimum in an effort to incorporate client feedback in service delivery and program enhancement.

In April 2017, Casa de Amparo achieved Behavioral Health Services Accreditation with The Joint Commission. During FY 2016-17, Casa de Amparo’s Quality Assurance Team lead staff agency-wide in preparing for a rigorous three day on site survey. The process of achieving accreditation provided Casa de Amparo the opportunity to enhance the safety of the youth and families that we serve, further improve the quality of care provided and remain in alignment with requirements from the State of California Department of Social Services. Accreditation through The Joint Commission holds Casa de Amparo to high standards of compliance, which enhance existing procedures, infrastructure and daily operations.

Support Services Center

You will provide Facilities Staff space to house equipment and supplies to maintain the organization’s locations and allow for better organization and distribution of over $250,000 worth of donated items for children and families. You will also provide a centralized laundry facility to provide the most efficient way to
take care of our clients.

Our Campaign Goal is: 8.4 Million

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Together, we have an opportunity to make a difference that will last a lifetime. As a Casa de Amparo donor,
you can give a gift that will forever link your name, your corporation’s name, or the name of a friend or loved one, with one of Casa de Amparo’s amazing facilities, all of which are helping abused, neglected or at-risk children heal, grow and create the bright futures they deserve.

Naming Opportunities allow Casa de Amparo to thank and recognize donors—individuals, corporations, foundations or organizations—with a lasting tribute.

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