Our Teams

Our staff are dedicated to giving our youth the best care possible. The collaborative work that each of our departments do is essential to the care of our youth. Each department brings their individual expertise, experience, and connection to our mission. Read below to find out more about the inner workings of Casa de Amparo.

Comprised of Residential Counselors, Therapists, and Healthcare professionals our Residential Services team works around the clock caring for our residents on our Casa Kids Campus. From getting them to and from school and preparing meals to providing our youth with essential therapies that they need to heal from past traumas, our Residential Services staff are an essential piece to making the work we do at Casa de Amparo successful.

Our New Directions Advocates and support staff provide young people in our New Directions program with the tools they need to succeed in their young adult lives. They help our youth make connections within the community and build solid foundations that will allow them to grow. Our Advocates provide anything from transportation services, access to food, and even relationship counseling for our young people.

Our Program Development Team is constantly evaluating and evolving our programs and services, creating process that allow them to grow for the benefit of our Casa Kids. As our youth evolve their needs evolve with them. It is important that our growing organization meets those needs and provides our Casa Kids with the best care possible by researching and acquiring the newest information and technology available.

These are the eyes and ears of the organization. Our mighty Quality Assurance Team ensures that we are consistent with state and county regulations, keeping our services to high standard.  They also keep us informed of any new requirements that impact our programs and monitor any processes that impact improvements.

Where are we going and how will we get there? Development leads the organizations efforts in Fundraising, Marketing & Public Relations, Special Events, In-Kind donations, and Volunteer services. Development is responsible for raising 1.7 million dollars annually in addition to providing in-kind resources to the agency.

Our Casa Kids and staff deserve the best.  Our Facilities team works hard to ensure that our two campuses and our several apartments are kept in pristine condition. They help to make Casa de Amparo a safe and comfortable space for our youth to heal and to thrive.

Our Finance Team are experts in managing funds going in and out of the organization. They help us maintain a healthy financial status and help other departments manage their budgets wisely. The Finance Team truly cares about the longevity and evolution of Casa de Amparo.

Our Human Resources team is responsible for cultivating the culture of our dedicated staff members that comprise each of our many departments. They create a desirable work environment by acknowledging the needs of the staff and engaging the employees through different events and opportunities, all while ensuring that each employee is on the path to their individual successes.

Our Information Technology department is the nucleus to all of the inner workings of Casa de Amparo. Although their work is done behind the scenes it definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. IT provides every Casa de Amparo staff member with all the essential tools they need to need to get their job done in the most efficient manner. They also protect confidential information, update software and define best security practices.