Residential Services

Casa Kids, prenatal through 18 years old, who have been traumatized by severe child abuse or neglect, stay at the Casa Kids Campus, a safe and nurturing setting on 11.4 acres of land in San Marcos, California.

Each Casa Kid receives comprehensive trauma-informed care tailored to their individual physical, social, emotional, developmental, and educational needs, while also ensuring they have as many healthy childhood experiences as possible.

Residential Services is licensed to serve pregnant and parenting youth, non-ambulatory youth, and youth with special healthcare needs. It is the only licensed residential treatment center in San Diego County serving pregnant and/or parenting youth in foster care.


  • Licensed Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP)
  • 24/7 care, crisis intervention, and support
  • Therapeutic rehabilitation and recreation programs
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medication management
  • Full time and on-call nursing services
  • Education evaluation and school placement
  • Healthy leisure and cultural trips
  • Supervised visits with supportive family members
  • Life, social, nutrition, and career guidance 

Program and Facility

  • Started in August 1978 in Oceanside, California
  • Relocated to the Casa Kids Campus in April 2012
  • ADA compliant and LEED certified campus
  • Casa Kids are housed in four cozy, home-like cottages with kitchens, common living areas, patios, and laundry facilities
  • Outdoor play areas, basketball court, walking trails, gardens, library, and activities room
  • Housing for 50 Casa Kids, including 12 infant 


Residents are referred by a Child Welfare Social Services worker or probation officer from San Diego County, or other counties that Casa de Amparo has contracts with. Clients do not pay fees for the program.

Transition Preparation Program (TPP)

Casa de Amparo continues to remain responsive to the unique needs of youth in foster care by providing the Transition Preparation Program (TPP) within our Residential Services program. The TPP serves older youth in foster care, including youth who are pregnant or parenting. These residents have demonstrated that they are prepared to practice independent living in a supervised setting. The TPP maintains all aspects of supervision provided in Residential Services while preparing teens to live independently by simulating apartment-style living. TPP apartments include a shared living space, kitchen, laundry room, and each resident has a bedroom and bathroom.

Director of Residential Services

(760) 754-5510

Casa Kids Campus

325 Buena Creek Road

San Marcos, CA 92069

Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm